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We've put together a list of frequently asked questions and answers. From questions on maintenance to tips on trouble shooting, this reference will help to enrich your experience.

For technical, service or maintenance related questions not listed below please click here to email us for more information.

How does infra-red radiant energy work?
Infra-red radiant energy works like the sun and is one of the most commonly known sources of energy. In scientific terms, infra-red is a form of electromagnetic energy found in the same spectrum that includes visible light, radio waves and microwaves. A gas fired infra-red burner emulates the efficiency of the sun by generating radiant energy that is converted into heat when absorbed by objects in its path.

Do infra-red burners have any limitations in their application?
Infra-red burners will operate in any axis that they are placed on.  Facing up, down, or on their side does not affect their ability to produce infra-red energy.  However, there are two considerations that must be kept in mind.  First, the means of ignition to be used in relationship to burner orientation must be evaluated.  Some spark ignition or pilot systems do not work well in certain burner orientations.  Second, the burner orientation in relationship to physical or operational characteristics must be considered.  Burners need to be placed within the appliance to avoid physical damage and accumulation of cooking or processing residue.

What is the lead-time prior to shipment of my custom burner(s)?

This depends on the degree of customization required and the amount of tooling needed to meet those needs.  Though it is difficult to estimate lead-times on products requiring tooling, for those that are a simple variation of our standard product offering, initial product would be available in a few short weeks from placement of your original order.  In the case of blanket purchase orders, your shipping date requirements will be met.

Can Detroit Radiant Products provide me with a custom designed burner other than those available on ProcessBurners.com?

Certainly!  From a tooling standpoint, we are limited to the basic burner designs offered (burner length and width, for instance).  However, an application specific design can be produced when a customer has quantity requirements that justify the tooling cost involved.  If you have a specific requirement, please contact us at 586-756-0950.  We would be glad to advise you on the feasibility of your proposed design, offer any suggestions we may have, and quote based on that design, including any tooling costs.

What is Detroit Radiant's warranty coverage?

Detroit Radiant Products offers a limited 90 day warranty on all burners.

How do I clean the burners?

Ceramic burners should be kept clean for optimal performance.  Remove dust and debris from emitter surface by using low pressure air or a low pressure vacuum.  Remember that ceramic burners are fragile and are subject to breakage if struck with an object.  Do not use high pressure air to clean the burner (will remove the gasket material) and keep in a dry area.

Is freight included in the quotation?

Freight is not included in our quotations.  All items ship FOB Warren, MI 48089 Class 85.

What are the normal surface temperatures of a ceramic burner while operating?

Normal temperature will be between 1400 and 1650 degrees F.  Secondary re-radiating surfaces may enhance maximum temperatures to 1850 degrees F.

Does Detroit Radiant Products sell to end users? 
No.  ProcessBurners.com is set-up to provide burners for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) only or burner distribution outlets.  We cannot supply burners to end users or for individual projects.

Does Detroit Radiant Products provide design services? 
Detroit Radiant Products will be happy to assist in designing a burner to meet your requirements.  However, we do not assist in appliance or process application designs.

Are the burners explosion proof?
No.  Ceramic process burners operate with an open flame surface and are not considered explosion proof.  It is important to always maintain clearances to combustibles and to provide adequate ventilation (3.9 CFM /1000 BTU Natural Gas) (4.5 CFM /1000 BTU Propane Gas).

Are the burners CSA Approved?
No, process burners cannot be individually approved.  The burners must be approved as part of the complete appliance. 

Are custom burners available?
If a burner shown on www.processburners.com does not suit your needs, please contact us to discuss your application.  Detroit Radiant Products is willing to design and tool for large volume or long-term contract commitments.

Is ceramic material the only available emitter?
While our standard production is only set-up to manufacture burners with a ceramic emitter surface other emitter technology is available.  Custom combustion surface enhancements and other burner technologies such as ceramic re-radiating devices, wire mesh and woven ceramic fabric (WCF) may be available.

Gas-Fired burners are factory tested atmospherically.  Operational performance may vary upon the application. 


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